Mitch Renaud currently resides in Victoria BC, where he completed a master’s degree in Cultural, Social, and Political Thought. Previously, Mitch studied composition in Toronto where his primary teachers were James Rolfe and Gary Kulesha. His current work follows a series of palimpsests, which takes the erasure of one set of material as the ground for new material.

Mitch has collaborated with artists such as Mira Benjamin, Quatuor Bozzini, the Onyx Trio, Duo Incendium (Charlotte Mundy & Chelsea Stanoff), Greg Harrison, Jonny Smith, gamUT, the Earwax Ensemble, and the University of Toronto’s Junior Percussion Ensemble. He is a member of the Blue Moss Ensemble with Anna Höstman and Emilie LeBel as well as a co-director of of-the-now with Chedo Barone.